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#055 - C8 Double 12S Gunmetal / Magnolia

While creating the Double 12 thread, Bucciali and I dug through tons of pictures from factory visits and we found some interesting ones of the La Turbie / Double 12 with La Turbie features.

The first set of pictures was taken on 9 februari 2006. The first picture shows the La Turbie prototype with an engine.


I’m not that technical but it looks like a standard Audi V8 engine and not the Audi W12 engine. The propellor steeringwheel is replaced in favour of the roadlegal Lotus steeringwheel and a two vent aircosystem has been fitted. The double twin exhaustsystem has yet to be finished.

On the next picture you can just see the typical Double 12 structure that holds the springs. In the first picture this part was not fitted yet.


In the right lower corner of this picture you can see the rear bodywork of this car.

In my opinion it seems that this first set of pictures shows that this La Turbie prototype was transferred into a roadgoing La Turbie.

The rear part of the chassis looks similar to that of a Double 12. Figures from a brochure suggests that the wheelbase of the La Turbie is 2580mm. For comparison: The wheelbases of a Double 12 and C8 SWB model are 2675mm and 2575mm respectively. So the wheelbase of the La Turbie is closer to that of a C8 SWB model than to that of a C8 Double 12.
I tried to make a photo comparison between the wheelbase of these models:

comparison C12 - LWB.jpg Comparison C12 - SWB.jpg

Picture on the left: The upperpart is from the La Turbie #055, the lower part is of Double 12 #126.

Picture on the right: The upperpart is from the La Turbie #055, the lower part is of Laviolette #172.

Although these findings are not 100% conclusive because the angle from which the pictures were taken is not exactly the same, my guess is that this first La Turbie prototype was build on a Double 12 chassis.

The second photo set of the La Turbie was made quite some time after the first set, which makes me believe that it was not still in the factory but again in the factory for some upgrades.

One of these refinements was the installation of a state of the art audio system.


In this picture you can see the La Turbie, without the leather cones behind the rollbars but with three speakers installed instead.

It also has the prope(llo)r steeringwheel refitted. There seems to be a non-standard little metal plate on top of the A-pillars, probably needed to fit a roof…

On a sidenote: Double 12 #200 can be seen in the right upper corner.

On the next picture you can see the modelname on the dooropening.


If you zoom in you will notice that it says: “Spyker C8 Double 12S” instead of Spyker C12 La Turbie… Hereby indicating that this La Turbie was eventually transformed to a Double 12, keeping its La Turbie features.
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