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Seth, I am 'case zero' for the VF Engineering supercharger. (It was developed on my car, #083.) It is fantastic and will give your car the power you are are used to in the Lambo.

I love the Spyker and how it handles. In particular, the F1-style suspension and light weight, the direct steering and the excellent AP racing brakes. The brakes are super once you get used to the required 'push'. My only grumble with the car was that it lacked about 100 hp that I was used to.

After watching my friends in Italian cars pull away from me on the straights (not in the turns -- they couldn't escape me there!), I opened discussions with Spyker about supercharing the car. They directed me to VF Engineering, and the rest, as they say, is history.

The VF Engineering supercharger is worth every penny, in my opinion. If you get around to discussing installing one with Nik Saran at VF, I'm sure he would offer me as a reference.

Congratulations on your new purchase! You are in for such a treat!

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