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Originally Posted by Jasperdd View Post

Do other Spyker owners have this same issue?

There is a lot of damage and wear on the center caps of the wheels. I have various different caps and different colors, logos (see last picture )and finish.

The most obvious thing is the differences in logo, but what i think is not good is the amount of weathering and wear. I am starting to investigate in refurbishing the center caps because the finish is not that good.

Hi Jasper,

The center lug nut and cap take quite a beating upon removal and reinstallation of a wheel. It would be interesting to know how the factory installed them without damaging them. The tools used by the factory are obviously superior to the large nut remover socket and wrench that come with the Spykers from the standpoint that the factory tools don't scratch the finish on the nuts or deform the center of the cap.

Is there any way to find out the tools the factory used so we can purchase similar tools for our own use?
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