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Originally Posted by AX lover View Post
The rules for GT1 will change in 2010, so manufacturers stop(ped) supporting it. And as far as I know the rules for 2010 aren't clear yet.

That is the reason why Aston Martin and Corvette quit. And also the running costs are very high in GT1. You notice that GT2 is becoming much more attractive with new entries: BMW M3, Corvette, Lamborghini Gallardo, Jaguar XK (rumour) and maybe some others?
Errr...not entirely correct. Yes, the rules will change, but that has nothing to do with manufacturers quitting.

As a matter of fact Aston Martin and Corvette have already created GT2 cars, which would fit into the new GT1 regulations quite easily.

The 2010 regulations seem to be known...just not to the general public. The whole idea of Mr. Ratel is to start a GT1 World Championship with manufacturer support...(remains to be seen if he reaches that goal).

The running costs in GT1 are indeed way too high for a car that can fight for the win, hence only four cars in the LMS and even less (1-3) in the ALMS.
FIA GT seems to be the place to be for the current GT1 models, but even there they are in their final season. The number of GT1 cars has dropped as teams are unable to explain to their sponsors why they should pay for an expensive GT1 car that is not eligible as of 2010. It is the main reason why Team Modena switched to GT2 and teams like Jetalliance have taken a sabbatical.

As for GT1 cars in the future, don't look surprised if you see some of the current GT2 and GT3 models back in GT1.
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