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For the musicians among us

Just can't let this one go...

Below is a video of Morgan James covering Maroon 5's song, "Maps". Rarely does a singer perform a song better than the original artist, but in this case, she knocks it out of the park!

It's incredible how Morgan's vocal compass is so advanced. At 2 minutes and 55 seconds into "Maps", she begins to divorce herself from the very tight, de-emphasized chord progressions of the accompanying 1960's Funk music and begins to move to a more advanced range progression where she hits C#5 in "hey yeah" and then advances to E5 at the next "yeah". While still maintaining the tight chord progressions of her back-up musicians and also leading her back-up singers, she takes it to G#5 at "where were you" and ends the vocal at Eb5 in the last "map that leads to you".

Just amazing! Hope you enjoy.
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