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Originally Posted by a_o_w View Post
Speaking of the option to buy the wheel with a Spyker attached to it, it's good joke, I am hearing it for a few times now :-))
... this is actually not a joke. If you have a Spyker, I am sure you could put it up on the market and get an early chassis number instead. Moneywise, it may be a break even. Updating other things, like airconditioning or steering radius will be less of a problem!

Option 2. Did you talk to manufacturers of classic car replica steering wheels? Examples are: Nardi (Tradate, Italy), Moto-Lita (Thruxton, UK) or Flaming River. There is also this website, or Ebay lists some... wouldn't know any better .... sorry, I haven't used that. I used option 1 .
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