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The Essence of Architecture

Although this is a quote from Ryan Heffington concerning the music video he choreographed for "Chandelier", performed by Sia, it expresses everything that should be considered in the creation of architectural structures and the elements that interact with and hence, embodies them.

Referring to the architectural elements in the video Ryan said, "Early on I requested the architectural detailing of the character's living space and what furniture would inhabit it. Like any of our dwellings we spend an absorbent amount of time in, all material components becomes part of the physical dialogue between us and these objects - walls, furniture, hallways. Although muddled in color and sparse in content, it was a choice to have the environment be rich in means of activity for the character. How often do children find a pile of dirt and a hose the most enthralling playmates? Yes, she may be isolated from other humans or environments, but seemingly rich in imagination with the ability to utilize fantasy to entertain herself via exploring new physical conversations with what simply existed before her eyes."

No need to see the video or its musical contents; we just need to remember that which simply exists before our eyes is the essence of life.
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