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Originally Posted by F Spider View Post
With the right bumpers

Rover V8?
Yes they introduced it in 1973 which was bad timing (oil crisis) and had supply issues with the V8 as it was in the first Range Rover too, so they only made 2500 over about five years, all RHD. Five LHD models were made and sent to the US to be certified for US sales, but they then decided not to bother with exporting any so those five are in Europe somewhere.

There are about 500 left on the road, 300 registered but not on the road.

The low compression version of the V8 was used so it's all about torque, but it can be tuned very nicely if required. But then you have to worry about the suspension, brakes, gearbox and overdrive; so I will keep as standard for now.

Interestingly the V8 was 20kgs lighter than the 1.8 4-cyl B series engine, and center of gravity was lower, so quite a good transplant really..
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