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Originally Posted by Wouter View Post
Well done LavioletteGT2R, has become a very big database. Sometimes I remember a post or photo but can't find it anymore..this list brings some helpfull structure again..!...thanks!
You're welcome Wouter !

And Yes: The database is quite big: We now have 185 threads in the "Unofficial" Spyker Register and an additional (although it could be possible that some in the needing VIN confirmation thread are in fact known and allready in the Register) 20 threads in the Spykers needing VIN confirmation thread. So in total we have "discovered" over 200 different Spykers of a total of a maximum of 242 (Excluding rebuilds that kept the same VIN number, #075 - #079 that were never built, #242 - #249 that are not built (yet?) and #255 being the highest VIN number) Spykers built.

Not bad at all
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