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Old 15-05-2018, 16:16
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air con fault

Air conditioning has stopped working. the system has been re-gassed but we still don't have power to the compressor. Is it a case of clearing any faults through the OBD or is there any other easy fixes for this problem?
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Old 16-05-2018, 03:02
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Fuse ??
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Old 16-05-2018, 05:15
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Best guess is always a new battery. if it is older than two years, replacing the battery will clear up most gremlins...

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Old 14-06-2018, 20:45
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Only way to do a proper troubleshoot is to use a laptop with Easymap software to look into the Spyker GWM. There several sensors as an input for the GWM that controls the AC compressor
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