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Shouldn't this just do the trick?

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Originally Posted by amzamz View Post
... like mrobin33, I don't think a literal translation helps here. It is 100percent NOT benzene, as this is a banned solvent of the distant past. It is a mixture of not specified organic carbohydrates:

"Gemisch von n-, i- und cyclo-Aliphaten, überwiegend im Bereich C7-C8, Hexan-arm" (source) which means, it is a mixture of n aliphatic (linear), iso aliphatic (branched) and cyclo aliphatic molecules, mostly 7-8 Carbon atoms long, and low in hexane (6 Carbons). The spec sheet also says that it contains less than 0.1percent benzene, and is not considered carcinogenic. It doesn't seem to contain much aromatic hydrocarbons, as this is not specified.

It looks to me that "white spirit" gets closest to the above definition. However, it is defined as "It is a mixture of aliphatic and alicyclic C7 to C12 hydrocarbons with a maximum content of 25percent of C7 to C12 aromatic hydrocarbons" (source) which is not exactly identical to the above... it will be less volatile, less flammable, and different in its behaviour as a solvent. Perhaps it is much better in dissolving polymers, be careful!
Thank goodness we have a proper chemist amongst us to help cross those illogical and arbitrary language barriers, where "X" means "not-X"!
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