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Old 21-11-2009, 15:05
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p.s. just put my SPYKER plates on the car. Even with that, every other person says "hey, who makes that car!"
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Old 21-11-2009, 19:23
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I like when they drive up behind you and you can see their lips move in the rear view mirror, sounding out "Spyker" as they peer at the logo on the back of the car . . .
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Old 21-11-2009, 23:21
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Originally Posted by Swisstrader View Post
Hey Joe: just saw the initial build on your sound system and it will indeed be stunning. Even the speaker grills are handmade and are very cool. Also looks like you may have the most "accessorized" Spyker I've seen

p.s. car looks brilliant in white. If you and I do a road trip, it will look like ebony and ivory Spykers
I can't wait until I get her back... its been in the audio shop for a week now and I just might have to run down and take a peek at it myself. I hope to have it over to MMC by Tuesday so I probably wont get it back until Friday, but I hope sooner. I will take detailed pictures of the Audio and Radar detector install when I get her back.
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