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Old 30-12-2017, 20:24
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With Chinese registration
Winning on sunday, selling on monday!
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Old 21-03-2020, 20:58
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Originally Posted by IVR007 View Post
For the record: (again) some pictures.
Attachment 6657Attachment 6658

Attachment 6659Attachment 6660

Attachment 6661Attachment 6662

Still for sale at Pembroke pines.
I think the official colors should be: Olive green / Tobacco Brown.
Aren't this one and #182 (in Antwerp) the only two cars that have an olive green exterior?
10 years late on the reply but no, #163 and #182 are not the only 2 in olive green. #144 and #153 are also olive green (but Spyders).
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