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Old 19-06-2010, 13:38
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"Excellent..really love Spykers ...They've been so eccentric for years yet still have so much charm..."

(same source as above)
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Old 14-10-2010, 06:51
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... about an Aileron:

"i like the diamond quilted interior and the aluminum brushed dash… but they needed to put some CONTRAST into that interior. it’s just too mcuch. kind of like someone dropped a can of orange paint inside there."

"Damn, you guys actually DID post this thing?! You serious?! This car makes my eyes hurt."

"This car is like a bad acid trip meets Dutch engineering – and I mean that in the worse possible way. I’m thinking the interior was designed by an HIN best of show winner…"

"this thing is so cool, much better then the original C8. If only they had used black leather instead of bright orange.. I’m glad they got rid of the ridiculous steeringwheel. It’s a sportscar, not a big cruiseship… O and it’s Dutch, so I have to like it to be fair"

"How can people hate this car so much? This car is the epitome of automotive lunacy, executed in a way only feasible in a country where marijuana is legalized.
I mean, look at that interior: You think anyone could think of a combination of quilted orange leather and brushed aluminum sober? And check out that gearshift – it’s connected to a pipe running through the interior and could damn well be the driveshaft, I would not put it past those freaky-deaky Dutch.
And then there’s the steering wheel – I miss the old four-post one that made you feel like you were the captain of the Titanic before you knew about the iceberg, because it symbolizes the lunacy of the entire car so well, like the car’s so high it thinks it’s a boat.
So yes, I like this car – I like this car a lot, and if you like the kind of automotive lunacy that brought about LeMons, the BABE rally and the Gumball 3000, you should like this car too."

"I’m gonna be pretty blunt and honest here. I hope nobody takes offense to my comments.
But damn, I think this car is pretty effin ugly. They shoulda called it FAILeron. I spent a week staring at a Spyker C8 (older one) and I didn’t like that one either. We were doing the Bull Run NYC-LA cross country race a few years back, and there was a Spyker C8 there, being driven by Carl Lewis (the Olympic runner). I just don’t like the body lines of it. It looks more like a budget kit car than a high dollar exotic.
If Ferraris and Astons are sculpted pieces of fine art, then this Spyker looks to me like someone Photoshopped it together.
The interior looks to me like “Donk, Box, and Bubble Magazine” meets “Lowrider.” And to say that the exterior looks like a cross between Lotus and Aston Martin is going to make some Brits pretty bloody upset, I think.
But hell, I’m glad someone likes it."

source here
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