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Old 15-03-2015, 08:26
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Originally Posted by netburner View Post
175 has the VIN-ending on the side as well.
Thanks netburner, that is so cool!
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Old 16-03-2015, 03:16
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Everybody can have the serial number on the side of the car, if they want

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Old 15-09-2018, 17:49
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It seems #186 found a new owner
Winning on sunday, selling on monday!
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Old 02-10-2018, 23:13
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That new lucky owner is me! How do I change my profile from ‘enthusiast’ To ‘owner’?
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Old 03-10-2018, 06:27
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You can't do it yourself. But it has been done

Welcome at Spyker owner BTW
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Old 10-10-2018, 20:21
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We need to know more - and post some up to date pics please! I have wanted to track down 186 for a while - I called Lawtons as I know they sold it in the past and asked them to find to owner as I wanted to buy it - they said the owner didn't want to sell, and I tried Supervettura as they usually know where they all are in the UK..... so well done you!

(Let me know if you want to sell ever as I think the colour combination with the chronoswiss dials is just fantastic...)
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