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Old 09-06-2009, 20:18
gasman gasman is offline
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Lots of questions.

Hello everyone. I'm seriously considering buying a spyker convertible. I've only just started my research. Can you please point me to the threads, or answer questions for me such as:

1. Differences between model years.
2. Maintainence costs of the cars.
3. Things to look for when looking at particular cars.

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Old 15-06-2009, 17:46
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Hey Gasman, Glad you are back on board to buy a Spyker!!!

First you need to decied if you want a open top or closed, this will narrow down which model to start looking for. 2009 models have the most changes (ABS, air bags, stereo)

I can't help you out with maintainence.
This is the Canadian Warranty I think the US is the same:
• 2 Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty
• 1 Year/15,000 Miles Wear And Tear Parts and Adjustments

I would look through the unoffical spyker thread and try and find a car that has the right color combo you like in the right model, then start searching for a car like that for sale!
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Old 15-06-2009, 20:18
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part of the answer...

1. Differences between model years.
should you go for the Spyker C8 Spyder, which would be the most popular choice right now, be aware that earlier cars will not have the convertible roof. if you are a real sportsman, you can deal with roofless roadsters, otzherwise I would recommend to get a newer car...

2. Maintainence costs of the cars.
after the warranty, you could go to the Spyker dealer for services and repairs. should you wish to safe money e.g. on bodywork, I can recommend any garage which handles classic cars. they will happily do the aluminium body. for the engine, I am sure an Audi garage would eventually help out. be awar however that you should NOT do that during warranty of the car.

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Old 25-09-2009, 22:22
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1. there are lots of threads that cover this, I would search around...

2. maint is inexpensive compared to other cars in this class, figure around $1000-$1500/yr TOPS if you drive it regularly.

- former SPYKER Employee, but a fan for life....
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Old 26-09-2009, 03:00
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1. I don't think they truly ironed out the handling until the 2006 model year, based on the cars I have driven. I bought a 2006.

2. Maintenance is as Vinny said, but parts can be truly dear, and I'm glad my insurance is covering what we suspect is a rodent that got into the AC. Just pulling the dash to get at the AC and then putting it back together is $5,700, not counting any costs to what we find inside.

3. I am very thankful for the warranty, as we worked out the serious kinks in the first year, and that was on Spyker, rather than me.

Now stop thinking and asking questions and buy one. The pleasure center of your brain will understand what your rational brain cannot.
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Old 21-12-2013, 23:38
Plastique999 Plastique999 is offline
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Greetings, I too now am researching into a C8 Spyker and would like to know various differences in models. I would like a removable top.
Major differences between 06-09?
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Old 22-12-2013, 02:12
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With a removable top I take it that you mean a removable hard top. That would limit you to the early cars. Pre 06. For a DD, I would think that you would might want to include the upgrades to a 08 or 09 specs. However, the most driven Spyker is the world is #045, an early model that would be able to have the hard top, but chooses to go through life as a true roadster with a touneau cover.

There are one or two Laviolettes (coupes) that have removable glass roof panels.

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