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Old 17-07-2017, 02:25
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Spyker C8 Spyder Battery Question

Hi, I currently have a Interstate MTP91 battery in my Spyker C8 Spyder. I'm looking to replace the battery with a smaller battery or one of comparable size with more power. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thank you!
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Old 17-07-2017, 17:09
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Hi and welcome to the forum!

Not sure which brand battery the Spykers originally are equipped with but I think a Varta battery. Anyway, the specs should be: 75Ah/720A(EN), ETN 575121072 or equal, p/n 0061400010

Can you maybe tell which Spyker you have?
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Old 17-07-2017, 18:41
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The MTP91 is the correct battery for US cars. It only needs a different clamp to secure the different foot. The Spyker is very sensitive to to the battery "fresness". Often small electric glitches go away with a new battery, even when the battery seems OK.

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Old 31-07-2017, 20:37
AlexSpyker AlexSpyker is offline
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The MTP 91 is no longer manufactured. Anyone has any other suggestion? The interstate suggested replacement one is half an inch too tall.
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