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Old 02-12-2008, 23:35
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Articles about Spyker

A lot has been written about Spyker.

But not only in car magazines. Various media report on Spyker, whether it's because of Victor Muller's entrepreneurship, F1 racing, admiration of something Dutch or the supply of goods to Spyker.

Sometimes there are long and interesting articles. Sometimes it's just a combination of various Spyker press releases and press photos. Whatever the setup, if it contains interesting pictures or facts, let's collect these articles here.

I will start off with the 2004 Annual Report of the RDW - Rijksdienst voor het Wegverkeer - or the Dutch road traffic department, where there are two nice shots of possibly #007. The RDW is a test laboratory for vehicles and they have their own test track, which you might have seen already on some of the pics posted here on the forum.

The 2004 Annual Report of the Dutch road traffic department

Het 2004 Jaarverslag van de RDW (Dutch)

Check the frontpage and page 20.

Second article today is for Dutchies only
It comes from the Dutch entrepreneurship organisation 'Ondernemersbelang' and is a 2-page interview with Hans van Rennes, published in the Flevoland dedicated version of their magazine.

Spyker Cars: entrepreneurs in de polder


Third article today is the story that EVO magazine wrote back in 2001, when they test drove #001.

Along came a Spyker


Fourth article today is also from EVO, but from the Middle-East edition.
They drove a Laviolette and were absolutely thrilled about it:

the 60 or so staff of Spyker really do show the likes of Maserati and Aston a thing or two about build quality. But then this is a rolling work of art, what do you expect?
Very nice read, nice pics.

Why pass on the dutchie?

I hope you have an interesting read and looking forward to any articles you might have!
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