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Old 11-12-2016, 21:53
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Spyker Production at CPP Coventry(?)

Hello, I am a Spyker enthusiast and am new to the Forum. I am as excited as anyone on this forum about the release of the new Preliator and new models to come. However, I am a tad skeptical of the details of the production of these models. I am hoping folks more in the know than I am can come up with some conclusions.

The press release for the Preliator stated that it would be produced by CPP Coventry, but with a simple google search, it appears that CPP is defunct. However Brendan O'Toole formerly of CPP now owns ADV Manufacturing in Coventry. Is this where the new Spykers will be produced?

I have seen the Facebook post which Spyker said a few months ago that 5 Ailerons are currently in production, but the end of the year is upon us and has anyone heard anything of a production Preliator?
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Old 11-12-2016, 22:56
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Before production of the Preliator, there is the whole process of Federalization. Originally, the Preliator wasn't intended for the US market, but in the end the most pre-orders came from the US. Most of the work currently done is engineering....

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