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Old 22-04-2012, 23:21
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Selling some old Spyker gear

So, its been awhile since i have been on here... but I thought I would share since you guys were my second family.

Last year I fell slightly ill, and have since lost about 40 lbs.

I'm ok now.

Cleaning out my closet this weekend, I came across some old Spyker shirts...

I am taking a few to the cleaners to get spruced up, but I have posted three on eBay.

If anyone is interested, most of them are XXL, some even American sizes.

I have some really rare shirts...

If you are interested in the others not on eBay yet, let me know I'll get you some pics...

Hope everyone here is doing well...

Item number: 200748762515

Item number: 200748765319

Item number: 200748768262

- former SPYKER Employee, but a fan for life....
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